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A year-long process of film production.

The film should be finished exporting and ready to put into DVD Studio. Ugh! I’m so exhausted with this project. I just want it to be done. Honestly, I’m just tired of it.

Besides, I want to start working on a new project already.

2 years ago
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As soon as I find a spot for exporting, as well as the DCP, more ideally an overnight shift, I’m going to burn my DVD and get this thing DONE!

So close. The sound edit is done. Rachel’s done all that she can do, and I’m very proud to have worked with her. I think she did an excellent job, and would totally hire her again.

Everything’s ready to go pretty much, just got to find the time to set to export and let it go.

2 years ago
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Apparently, a week from today is the Final Export!

What a year it’s been, from pre- to post-. Exhausting and incredibly difficult. But what great lessons learned in preparation for something bigger someday.

I know not to challenge myself with a film next year. I need a year off of filming to focus on writing. I’d rather get some good scripts finished to start making money that way. I think I’ll have more luck distributing that than a film.

My EPK is finished aside from everyone’s Bios.I will probably rework it later on though to look more professional, but I’m STILL catching up with other work.

Next big thing is my DCP.

My sound editor and I are going to be working as best we can to get something worth producing within this next week. Fingers crossed!

2 years ago
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Tonight, I meet with my sound designer to go over what progress she’s made, any last minute changes before the Sound Design Export (although I know we’ll still have some work to do), and then, well, export.

I didn’t get to meet with her last Thursday because I started getting really sick, and have been sick since about Wednesday night. I’m finally on the mend though, congested as can be, but I’m up and about which is nice.

My goal tonight, besides meeting with her and getting up-to-date with what she’s done is to put in the music. I know that’s technically her job, but, I’ve been a little frantic, and if I can make it into this edit, I’m all for it.

Apparently, titles were a success, which makes me grin ear-to-ear.

The next big tasks are the big packages/kits I have to start pulling together, as well as finding the right film festivals (I admit, I haven’t found any yet). After that, it’ll be making the packages for those fine funders that helped make this a possibility.

Nearing the end, and all I can say is… THANK GOD!

2 years ago
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Tomorrow is a day dedicated to export! I have to export my picture lock/color correction. I think I only have to have 1 DVD, because I don’t have a separate picture lock/un-color corrected piece. But, everything is locked “picture” wise, except for the title sequence, however, I know how I want to do my title sequence, and plan onanimatingit this week! I’m pretty excited about it. It’s just the nitty-gritty kinks, and the actually words shown on screen I’m a little unsure about. I’ll be drawing up a prototype tomorrow.

Also, I have a meeting with my possible sound designer on Monday to go over some things and show her what I’m working with. Tomorrow I’ll be writing up a cue sheet, not necessarily just for her, but for me as well, since she said she had some reservations about some of the content, and I think I’ll just take the hit on some other things, as long as time permits, and I know what I’m doing.

It felt wonderful knowing how to color correct with lots of boxes open up on the computer screens. I felt a little more professional, and as much as I’ve been complaining an awful lot about the editing process, it’s helping me fall more and more in love with my project since now I’ve had such an intimate relationship with it in all 3: pre-production, production, and now post!

Watching the movie come together is a beautiful experience, but I know I’d be overwhelmed to try to pull together a film for my thesis. Plus, I refuse to do some bum short film that won’t go anywhere special. If I’m going to do a good film, I’m going to do it BIG!

That’s all of the update for now!


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Exporting this Friday through the weekend of the final export, as well as the DCP for in case I send it off to festivals.

It was a good learning experience, and has both taught me to be patient in filmmaking, and perseverance. I will take what I’ve learned this year, and whether I do a film for my senior thesis, or something else later on, I’ve learned a lot and I really want apply what I’ve learned both through this class and personal experience to continue to search for my nitch in the film society and success, and to achieve the goals I set forth for.

I have until the end of the summer to fulfill my DVD mass purchase, so, let’s hope I can figure everything out and make it look GOOD!

Also, just working on my facebook page for productions!

Like it! Spread the word!

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Thank God for an extension. The film is SO close to being finished, it disgusts me it’s not done yet.

I still need to plan a release party for the film for the cast and crew, but I’m waiting for the DVD in mass in order to give everyone a copy.

I really want to get working on a cool logo design for my productions so I can start putting it in the front of every film for my reel.

I should also start finalizing my reel, like compiling it into something really nice, as well as my portfolio for writing.

Many things to do in the future!

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From seeing the sound edit as it is for now, I was thoroughly impressed. Rachel did an amazing job. It wasn’t near done as I would have liked it to be, but she definitely took the film in such a more comedic way than I imagined. It “sounds” amazing, particularly with the sound effects and some music choices she did. I was impressed.

Also, my scores are impressive [thanks Tag]. They do help make the film a better film indeed.

Right now, I’m working on my EPK. It’s fun getting involved with this aspect of it. Tiring though, and I need creative energy. But, it has an intriguing quality to it.

The next obstacle (besides finishing and everything), is fulfilling my duties in paying my funders back for all of their support. Luckily, staying up here for the summer leaves room and time for that. I just hope I can do that for all of my cast and crew. Which reminds me, I need to email them soon about meeting sometime within the next month to screen the finished product together.

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Sigh. I’ve been so tired; I’m still working reluctantly on catching-up with the rest of school. But strangely, I’m very eager to finishing this project. The next edit is sound, and I just hope that my faith in my sound designer is going to work out. She’s starting off with cleaning up all of the dialogue, then she’ll work on sound effects. I just need to get music from Tag still.

Titles look decent. For some reason I couldn’t get them perfect, but they look pretty professional. My opening sequence is still fun though.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Tomorrow will be the first day that I don’t have to spend all day editing. Instead, I’ll be stressing about tests, but, it’s okay. Tomorrow, I celebrate my mother, then I worry about school.

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This editing process is a HUGE pain in the ass. After many grueling hours, several days of it, I’m finally nearing the end of the picture lock, after so much ridiculous stress and drama in the edit rooms.

I also discovered how to do freeze frame credits in Final Cut. [Thank you youtube tutorials.] I think this credit sequence is a lot better.

A lot was cut, and a lot was tweaked/refined. It’s looking so much better. It needs SO much more editing though…

Also, I definitely need to start thinking about my opening credits.

I’m tired, but…hopefully these next few weeks fly by and I can finish everything with a proud project.

2 years ago
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